Who should manage my investment property?


Philip Madirazza has been in the industry since the year 1994 and Denise Azzi since 2008, and during that time they achieved outstanding results for landlords and investors. As Directors, they are directly involved in the management of your investment.

With large offices having such a high turnover of property managers these days we believe to effectively manage your property a boutique approach is the future. In the last 20 years real estate has evolved with major technology advances that allow small businesses to thrive and deliver a grass root service focusing on effectively managing property with an approachable and personal touch.

We are expertly positioned to maximise the return on investment of your significant asset. Our primary focus is Asset Management with a focus on property preparation, tenant selection and ongoing property management and maintenance.

With these managed effectively, maximum rent levels will be achieved, and vacancy periods minimised. Our industry experience and proven track record clearly reflects that we have achieved the highest rents with the very best tenants, so you can rest assured that your asset will be expertly managed, and your risk minimised.